What Your Surgeon Needs to Know Before Plastic Surgery

When preparing for plastic surgery, many want to be accommodated with their surgeon as much as possible so they can get a sense of relaxation in knowing that someone they trust is performing the procedure. It is important to gather lots of information from your surgeon, but it is also important that they do the same. Before your surgery, you should let your surgeon know about the following:

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Medications, Prescriptions, Over the Counter, Supplements during Plastic Surgery

It is very important to let your surgeon know about any and all medications you are taking before undergoing plastic surgery. This includes vitamins, herbal supplements, and prescription/non-prescription drugs. Supplements tend to be overlooked, but they can interact with anesthesia and increase bleeding during surgery.

Smoking Habits During Plastic Surgery

If you smoke or have smoked in the past, be sure to let your surgeon know. It can impair wound healing and cause greater scarring than it would for non-smokers.

Alcohol Intake After Plastic Surgery

Be honest about the amount of alcohol you typically consume. If you are dependent upon alcohol, you may experience tremors or seizures due to withdrawal. Your surgeon can prescribe medications that will relieve the symptoms and prevent serious complications.

Previous Illness and Surgeries

Make your surgeon aware of any previous surgeries, especially if they are in the same area of the body as the one you are about to receive. Any major illnesses should also be made known as your tolerance of anesthesia may have changed.

Illicit Drug Use

Drugs can alter the way anesthesia affects patients. It can also alter the way a patient returns to breathing on their own after being on a ventilator.


All allergies of any type should be disclosed. Medications can be formulated in an egg base, which could cause a serious reaction if given to a patient with an egg allergy.

Past Issues With Surgery

Make your surgeon aware of any previous surgery complications, including with anesthesia. Let your surgeon know if you have had bleeding issues after surgery, have briefly woken up during surgery, or anything else unusual.

Making your doctor aware of all of these factors will allow them to provide you with accurate healing times, as well as help them determine which procedure will be best for you. Dr. John Roussalis is a trusted plastic surgeon in the Newark area. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.