Premier Cosmetic Surgery Fills Us In on Lip Fillers

Good news! Lip augmentation gives patients the volume in their lips they desire while maintaining a natural appearance. With any medical procedure, it is important to understand what to expect during the recovery process. Premier Cosmetic Surgery aims to always provide our patients with realistic expectations and better than expected results! 

Defining Lip Augmentation

Lip augmentation is a catchall term used to describe any procedure that makes the lips look bigger. Lip injections specifically plump up lips by injecting a substance into the lips called a dermal filler. Dermal fillers, also called lip fillers, are one of the most popular methods of lip augmentation because they require minimal recovery. While the recovery period does vary from case to case, some patients report feeling like they can get back to their regular routines after just one week. 

Although lip fillers often require minimal recovery time, swelling and possible bruising should be expected to last two to three weeks post-procedure. Also, it’s perfectly normal if your lips look overfilled immediately after the procedure; this effect is temporary and is solely due to the swelling. Applying an ice pack on your lips should cause most side effects to subside. 

The Effects of Lip Fillers

The effect of lip fillers should last from several months to a year depending on the type of filler the doctor uses. There are two types of fillers approved by the FDA both containing hyaluronic acid. Yes, we’re talking about the same substance that’s in hyaluronic acid serums used for skincare. Hyaluronic acid combines with water and swells when in gel form which results in the smoothing and filling effect lip injection patients desire. Since hyaluronic acid is a temporary absorbable substance, meaning it naturally dissolves over time, patients should expect to receive repeated injections to maintain the effect long-term. Premier Cosmetic Surgery also offers more permanent lip augmentation procedures including fat grafts and surgical lip lifts.  

Although lip fillers are commonly referred to as a “lunchtime procedure,” serious consideration should still be taken before patients make their final decision. Patients should always inform their doctors of any known allergies or skin conditions before moving on with the procedure. And, as always to ensure the best possible cosmetic surgery experience, only see a doctor who is highly experienced like our team at Premier Cosmetic Surgery. You can contact us today to discuss our lip augmentation procedures, and we can provide you with before and after pictures of some of our satisfied patients!