Breast Implants Don’t Last Forever

After receiving a breast augmentation, you can expect your breasts to look fuller, with a more enhanced shape. However, implants only last so long! Combining a breast lift with your augmentation is a good way to get the most from your surgery. Therefore, if you plan on combining the two procedures, you will not need to add as much volume to the breast implants because the lift will position the breasts correctly and give them shape.

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“My Breasts Are Beginning to Sag”

Maybe you received a breast augmentation a few years ago, and your breasts are beginning to sag. However, keep in mind, breast augmentations are not designed to lift sagging breasts. If you have the desire to lift and increase the size and projection of your breasts, looking into breast implants and combining the two procedures may be the right choice for you.

Which Breast Procedure Is Right For Me?

So, how do you know if this is the best option for you? Do you want more volume but your breasts are too droopy to undergo only an augmentation? Do you want your breasts to be lifted higher, but you do not have the volume necessary to make your breasts look full? If this sounds fitting to you, it is your time to consider combining procedures!

There is no reason to put up with breasts that you do not fully enjoy. Combining breast augmentation with a breast lift will give you the look and feel you have always strived for. Get started today by contacting Dr. John Roussalis!