Botox Can Turn Back The Clock

Are you ready to feel young again? Wave goodbye to wrinkles with Botox®, an injection treatment used to improve the look of moderate to severe frown lines between the eyebrows. But that’s not all! While Botox® does reduce fine lines and wrinkles, it also has many other benefits that will make you feel young again.

Man Having Botox Treatment At Beauty Clinic dr sabini plastic surgeon delaware botox

Excessive Sweating

If persistent sweating has you feeling uncomfortable and self-conscious everywhere you go, Botox® can help. Just one round can help reduce your sweating issues for several months! With Botox®, the chemical that activates our sweat glands are temporarily blocked. It is FDA approved as a treatment for underarm sweating! So if you are constantly having to stress about keeping your arms at your side, worry no more. You will feel like your free-spirited self again in no time!

Bells Palsy

Bells Palsy results from damage or trauma to facial nerves, causing the surrounding muscles to weaken and one half of the face to droop. Botox® can be administered in one of two ways for Bells Palsy patients. It may be administered to the affected side of the face, relaxing facial muscles that have tightened up, or to the unaffected side, creating a balance by helping to relax movements on the dominant side of the face. Bells Palsy may need more time to fade away, but Botox® can take some of the pain away.

Eye Twitching/Spasms

Botox® will help you to stop hiding behind your glasses to cover a twitching eye! Your twitching may be rapid or constant, or maybe your twitching causes permanent spasms, holding your muscles in a tense position for an extended period of time. It may even be affecting your vision. Look no further than Botox®!

Not only will Botox® have you looking younger, but you will also feel youthful again with the freedom it provides. No more sitting on the sidelines while everyone else dances because you are worried about others seeing your sweat stains. No more staying home due to terrible migraines. Take those sunglasses off and enjoy the true view after Botox®! Contact Dr. Paul Sabini today to begin your journey to a happier lifestyle!